anniversary party

nostalgia shop

27 april 2023


Het resort celebrated her 5th anniversary on the 27th of April with an exploding cardboard shop, a cava fountain, curated crying karaoke, and more. The Nostalgia Shop sold the exclusive editions by the episode alumni. You can check them in the catalogue down below.


Participating artists: Philippe Wolthuis, Bart Nijstad, Mylan Hoezen, Emilio Veendorp, Hilde Onis, Alban Karsten, Feiko Beckers, Steven Jouwersma, Willem de Haan, Theo Démans, Elise Ehry, Alicja Nowicz, Kitty Maria, Clara Saito, Noha Ramadan, eva susova, Splitter Splatter, Janneke Raaphorst, Joseph Marzolla.


If you want to look back on our first five years, you can buy our overview publication Five Years Of Nostalgia. It's filled with nice images and includes all of the previous published texts of the episode publications.


photos event: lisa jasperina bommerson / photos artists editions/catalogue: Hector Garcia


Karina Bakx - concept & coordination (co-director het resort)

Ellen de Haan - concept & coordination, design (co-director het resort)

Alban Karsten - curation, scenography, production (resort alumnus)

Vanina Tsvetkova - production, scenography  (midseason alumnus)

Lisa Pison - marketing & pr

HET RESORT IS supported by:

Mondriaan Fund, Gemeente Groningen