summer episode

outdoor swimming pool june 10 – july 12 work period

july 13  – august 24 show








elise ehry

théo demans

willem de haan

text only in written language



15:00 opening speech w/ Cava Freixenet Negro brut

16:00 take a swim & watch the show

17:00 guided tours with the artists

ongoing: 3 hour live performance of ambient pool music by Jaap vd Velde



18:00 fancy/not so fancy snacks

19:00 Leandro Barzabal sound performance

20:00 weddingroom by Elise

ongoing: music by DJ Jujulove



The summer episode S02E01 is set in the outdoor swimming pool ‘de Papiermolen’. In this refreshing landscape, three resorters will work among the recreational public.

In 1949, the construction of a large outdoor swimming pool for the city of Groningen started. In those days, the construction of outdoor swimming pools were seen as one of the most pressing social construction tasks. People had high expectations of the recreational effect of outdoor swimming pools as an incentive for public health. Outdoor swimming pools were considered to be an essential need of modern man and would contribute to his mental and physical well-being. (1)

With this summer episode, the resort hopes to contribute to the well-being of resorters and pool visitors.



Elise Ehry (FR) ⌒⌒⌒ Gardeners, cassieres, lifeguards, water managers, cleaners, fry cooks, at the swimming pool, Elise sees a multitude of people working daily in a place that seems to be created for holidays and leisure activities. From Paris, Elise works as a situation designer using fiction to overthrow existing rules. Her fascination lies with the alienating effect of the service sector, where she investigates how social relationships are influenced by these subservient professions of characters who seem to be stuck in their role.


Théo Demans (FR) ⌒⌒⌒ Acrobatic poses of swimmers in the water where the water is removed from the scene. Théo works from images, as a designer of objects, presentations and spaces he often works with other artists on projects and installations. As co-founder of project spaces in Paris (Le Merquis) and Amsterdam (PostNorma) and nomadic recording salon "Mortal Recordings", Théo creates its own conditions for presenting work.


Willem de Haan (NL) ⌒⌒⌒ "I will probably never make a good joke because for a while now I have been stuck at the point of confusion between the funny and the confusing moment." Characteristic of Willem's work are the additions to daily life situations where he blurred the line between script and reality. At the swimming pool he started wondering how the indicated dimensions relate to the experience of these distances, heights, widths and depths.

supported by:

Mondriaan Fund

Gemeente Groningen

Academie Minerva Kunstraad Groningen

Beringer Hazewinkel

NNT + Club Guy & Roni