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20.08 – 10.09 | open call deadline: 14.07 23:59 | selection announcement: july 16 2021

During the past corona year we have all been recreating like crazy in the outdoor public space. We saw people fighting boredom, social isolation and growing corona bellies by racing bikes through the forest, balancing on surfboards in the canals and throwing balls around in the park.

We think this might be the perfect time to create some new leisure activities. Sign up for LEISURE LOVE: a project week to help humanity stay fit, entertained and sane by inventing new sporty activities for them to do!


Under the supervision of Philippe Wolthuis (former resort resident of S01E01) you will be making props and instructions that can be used and executed by human beings. Het resort will go on tour with the newly invented activities in the week of september 3 - 10 and test the activities on different crowds. During this tour the activities that you have developed will be marketed from a kiosk that travels to different locations in Groningen like schools, elder homes and sad work environments like offices and warehouses. Here we will persuade people to come outside and participate in our newly invented leisure activities.




Online: all fridays from august 20 - september 10 (14:00-17:00)

In Groningen: work from august 30 - september 2



Create a new leisure activity, tools and instructions (in text/image) that go with it.




Date of Birth:



New leisure idea (short):


Mail this with the subject ‘leisure love’ to mail@hetresort.nl.






Friday August 20: opening group meeting online: presenting your ideas

Friday August 27: work in process group meeting online: presenting your activity

Monday august 30: arriving in Groningen and creating/finishing your product

Tuesday August 31: trial day in Groningen were we test each others activities

Wednesday September 1: individual work day finishing touches to your projects

Thursday September 2: deadline present the final version of your activity and the instructions to your activity in teks and image.

Friday september 3: closing meeting in Groningen and start of the tour/exhibition week


September 3 till 10: tour / exhibition week with a festive opening moment, presence during the week is not obligated

Friday september 10: pick up of sent back your works and closing meeting online




Het resort will create an instruction guide containing all the newly invented activities for the kiosk.

Afterwards het resort will publish a small booklet about the project from a sociological point of view. Research topics will be; Why do we leisure? Why do people like to identify themselves by their hobbies? Why do we adopt the culture surrounding our sports and hobbies? And how come our sports and hobbies are such a huge influence on all aspects of our lifestyle from what we eat, who we hang out with to our holiday destinations and outfit choices. Can we use this to our benefit and stear humanity into new directions by creating new sport- and hobby-cultures?

Artist and sociology student Maaike Knibbe (former resort resident of S01E01) will be writing a small essay for this publication.



F.A.Q. (frequently and not so frequently asked questions)

Yes, you get a fee: €909 and material budget: €100 / taxes included.

Yes, this fee is based on the fair practice code and is 50% of the advised payment for a group show of 6 people showing new work for the period of month or shorter. We think this is fair because this summer project will require a small amount of your time.

Yes, you can send and invoice in advance.

Yes, you will travel to Groningen and stay there during the workweek from august 30 till september 3

No, this is not a residency and we do not provide hotel or residence for you, but we can help you find a space to stay during the work week (5 days 30-8 / 3-9)

No, you don’t have to be graduated as an artist, or an artist at all.

Yes, you can work on your project from your own home or studio.

Yes, we will contact you if you are selected no later than July 17th.

Yes, you will also hear from us if you did not get selected

Yes, you will participate in a group show from september 3 till 10 organized by het resort where we travel around the city of Groningen with a mobile kiosk carrying the props and manuals for the leisure activities.

No, you do not have to be present for this group show, we will take your projects on a one week tour through the city.

Yes, we will use images of your work and your activity manual for our publication and on our website.

Yes you can revise a former work or use (parts of) former works for this project.

Yes, you will keep ownership of your work.

Yes, we have some tools: screwdriver, jigsaw, sewing machine, embroidery machine (with only programmed things or letters), printer.

Yes, you can sign up as a duo or group but we will have to  split your fee.

Yes, your project will preferably have a specific environment where your leisure activity will need to be practised. This can also be ‘a hill’ or ‘a tiled surface of 10x10 meters’

Yes, you can choose your own location for your project, but your activity will have to be represented at the mobile kiosk and it has to be easily accessible and findable for the public. So your location can be for example a park, a canal, a train, a tennis court or an enterprise that's everywhere like a Starbucks or a supermarket, but it can not be a specific address or private space.

Yes, you will have a good time well spent in the city or Groningen, meet nice people and learn new leisure activities from fellow artists.

HET RESORT IS supported by:

Mondriaan Fund, Gemeente Groningen, Academie Minerva,  NNT + Club Guy & Roni

leisure love